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Carr’s Cider House (Food Artisan)

A family-run historic orchard committed to handcrafting small batch, barrel-aged hard ciders as well as apple cider-based products for the pantry.

Hadley, MA
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Daniele Foods (Food Artisan)

Deep in the unspoiled forests of New England, the Dukcevich family is hand-making some of the finest charcuterie in the world, and they are sourcing their ingredients from local pastures.

Pascoag, RI
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Fox Point Pickling Company (Food Artisan)

Delicious handmade pickles named for the Fox Point area on the east side of Providence. They use fresh produce, a unique spice blend, and local produce when seasonally available.

Providence, RI
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Harvest Kitchen

A culinary arts and job-readiness training program for at-risk youth. Operating a processing/educational kitchen as part of Farm Fresh Rhode Island's initiative to increase the variety of value-added local farm products available, and part of the Farm Fresh mission to create a community-based food system.

Providence, RI
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Jacks Snacks

Gourmet dog biscuits that are made from market-fresh ingredients–ingredients you would find in your own kitchen.

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Maine Grains Skowhegan ME

Maine Grains

A mill in Skowhegan was built to revive the grain industry, and today their exceptional stone ground grains are locally grown and sourced. Their farmers pledge to never use pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified seed. Sounds like a success story to me.

Skowhegan, ME
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Martha’s Eat Local Plymouth MA

Martha’s Eat Local

Martha Stone is a legend in these parts, her creations made with fresh local ingredients from local farms, honest and delicious. Stop in to see her in Plymouth, she’s the only drive through you want to drive to!

Plymouth, MA
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My Little Bakery Duxbury MA

My Little Bakery

Jim bakes all breads and cookies onsite from scratch with real butter, whole milk, whole grains, unbleached flour and organic whole wheat flour brought in from just 300 miles north of Duxbury. He uses no preservatives or stabilizers, and is passionate about his bread.

Duxbury, MA
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Narragansett Creamery

Family-owned cheese maker using local milk, kind bacteria, vegetable-based rennet, salt and nothing else. Not certified organic, but thoughtful in actions and purchases.

Providence, RI
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Oak Leaf Dairy

150-acres that has been in the same family since the 1920’s. 130 dairy goats produce milk, which is used in the making of our delicious fresh chevre, feta, cheddar, cheddar curds, caramel and lovely goat milk soap.

Lebanon, CT
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Poblano Farms

A 2-acre farm run by Stephen Siravo, making the best tasting salsa and pasta sauce. Founded in 2007.

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Providence Granola Project

Making the world's greatest granola, made from scratch and hand packed, while providing job-training for newly-arrived refugees.

Providence, RI
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Speedwell Coffee Plymouth MA

Speedwell Coffee

Derek has loved coffee for years, and is a career roaster. He offers small batch specialty coffees using carefully sourced single origin, espresso, & artisan blends.

Plymouth, MA
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Virginia & Spanish Peanut co

A third-generation family owned and operated business established in 1913 by Peter S. Kaloostian

Providence, RI
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