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Allen Farms, Westport MA

Allen Farms

Family operated by Debbie and her son Tom, fifty-acre scenic farm growing Certified Organic pea greens, cut herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more since 1987.

Westport, MA
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Aquidneck Farms

Raising grass-fed beef and pastured poultry on 480-acres of prime agricultural land overlooking the scenic Sakonnet River.

Portsmouth, RI
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Baffoni’s Poultry

An 80-acre farm started in 1935 and operated by four generations of the family raising approximately 25,000 chickens and 1,200 turkeys on feed that is free of antibiotics, hormones, or meat by-products.

Johnston, RI
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Barden Family Orchard

Growing many varieties of apples, pumpkins, winter squash, peaches, and sweet corn. They have recently added raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers and eggplant. IPM practices, established 1931.

North Scituate, RI
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Barr Family Farm

Raising the Barr Family Farm is an aquaponic farm where we raise tilapia and use the fish emulsion to fertilize our hydroponic greenhouse crops and field crops.

Rehobooth, MA

Bats of Bedlam, Chaplin CT

Bats of Bedlam

Premier sugar makers, Bob and Pat Dubos, make their own maple syrup, maple cream, maple butter, maple sugar, maple sugar coated peanuts, and maple vinegar.

Chaplin, CT
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Bay End Farm

Originally founded in 1906 and certified Organic in 2001 Kofi Ingersoll and Erin Koh provide fresh produce to families, farmers markets, and restaurants around the Boston, South Shore, and Cape Cod communities.

Buzzards Bay, MA
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Blackbird Farm

Humanely raise all-natural, hormone-free, pasture-fed, 100% Black Angus cattle; 100% pedigreed American Heritage Berkshire pigs; and organic, free-range Rhode Island Red eggs.

Smithfield, RI
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Brown Boar Farm, Wells, VT

Brown Boar Farm

A family-owned and operated business committed to producing wholesome, naturally raised heirloom pork and beef in an environmentally friendly way, Sarah cares for the animals, Meaghan helps coordinate marketing efforts, and dad Peter overseas it all.

Wells, VT
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Chase Farms

Chase Farms are growers focused primarily on ornamental greenhouse crops. The farm has a history of dairy, orchard and field vegetable production and has recently increased our food and hay/straw operation.

Portsmouth, RI
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Colchester Neighborhood Farm, Plympton MA

Colchester Neighborhood Farm

An 8-acre Baystate Certified Organic Farm is also a National Bicentennial Farm–owned by the same family (the Barrows) for the past 200 years. In January 2012, New England Village - a community for individuals with developmental disabilities - partnered with Colchester Neighborhood Farm and now many of their residents have the opportunity to become farmers.

Plympton, MA
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Confreda Greenhouse & Farm

The Confreda family began farming just over 400 acres in 1922 on land in Cranston and Warwick, their operations represent one of the oldest and largest commercial vegetable farms in the state of Rhode Island.

Hope, RI
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Countryside Citrus

Countryside Citrus is a family owned and operated farm, their workers all get benefits, and they are passionate about their citrus. Their Grapefruit in particular, can’t be beat.

Vero Beach, FL
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Cooks Valley Farm

10th generation family operated farm raise a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Also selling local eggs, jams and jellies, and apple cider.

Wrentham, MA
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Deep Root Farm, Johnson VT

Deep Root Farm

Founded in 1986, Deep Root Organic is one of the oldest co-ops of organic vegetable growers in the United States. The co-op exists to promote local, sustainable, and organic agriculture through its small, family owned farms.

Johnson, VT
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Fairland Farm

Fred C. Bottomley, owner/operator, harvests cranberries by dry harvesting or by wet picking. Dry harvested fruit is sold as fresh fruit (or frozen as demand grows) and wet harvested fruit is used to make juices, sauces, and most prepared cranberry products.

North Attleboro, MA
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Feather Brook Farm, Raynham MA

Feather Brook Farm

Tad personally oversees everything from start to finish. They raise their own poultry flock, process them humanely, package them safely, and bring them to market where they share their passion of respectful husbandry and tasty food.

Raynham, MA
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Four Town Farm

Four Town Farm is a 150 acre vegetable farm, being farmed by the fifth generation, located at the points where Seekonk,MA; Swansea, MA; Barrington, RI; and East Providence, RI all come together.

Seekonk, MA
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Freedom Food Farm, Raynham MA

Freedom Food Farm

Chuck follows organic and biodynamic principles and strives to mimic natural ecological systems, he takes environmental farming to a new level. All farm products are grown and raised on the farm.

Raynham, MA
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Fresh Meadows Farm, Carver MA

Fresh Meadows Farm

Dom runs one of the few organic cranberry bogs in the area, he has over 30 years of experience growing organic cranberries and is a 3rd generation bog keeper and grows heirloom cranberries which are dry harvested and hand sorted to deliver a high quality, nutrient dense product to his customers.

Carver, MA
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Good Earth

Founded in 1995, Good Earth Organic Farm & Gardening Center is a 20 acre farm run by Joyce & John Holscher.

Cranston, RI
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Golden Rule Farm, Middleboro MA

Golden Rule Farm

Golden Rule Farm is situated at Soule Homestead, Frank Albani, the farmer has been farming organically for over 30 years and has a deep knowledge of all things organic and farming. Plus, he’s a cool musician and can be seen around town, guitar in hand.

Middleboro, MA

The Grateful Garden, Hanover MA

The Grateful Garden

Todd is committed to local food, and sustainable, ecologically sound growing practices. He has a garden center in Hanover offering a range of organic growing supplies and starts, and grows a variety of specialty items for us.

Hanover, MA
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Green Thumb Farm

Farming in Western Maine since 1965, on over 2200 acres of rich Saco River Valley soil, they have firmly established a reputation for quality potatoes, turf, dry beans and corn. Their third generation family farm strives to preserve Maine’s open spaces and agricultural heritage.

Fryeburg, ME
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Happy Valley Organic Farm

Plants and produce and herbs grown organically in the pioneer valley of western Massachusetts.

South Deerfield, MA
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Hill Orchards

Farm stand and pick-your-own orchard for apples, peaches, pumpkins and Christmas trees. Makers of apple cider from their own apples.

Smithfield, RI
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Honey Bee Orchard

Founded in 1980, Honey Bee Orchard is a 175 acre farm run by Bill Haseotes.

West Brookfield, MA
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Horse Listeners Orchard

An orchard is widely known for growing over 25 varieties of apples, including the “Miracle Mac”. They have been operating for 40 years on 153 acres.

Ashford, CT
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Joe Czajkowski Farm

A third generation 300-acre farm, with 100-acres certified organic, many of those acres are asparagus fields from yesteryear. Specializing in fruits and organic produce.

Hadley, MA
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Langwater Farm

Langwater Farm

Kevin and his family along with the help of some committed farm hands, grows a diverse mix of Certified Organic vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, berries and pumpkins using organic growing practices and methods.

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Leach Farm & Orchard

Founded in 2011, Leach Farm & Orchard is a 6-acre farm run by Robert Leach.

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Lipinski Farm

Lipinski Farm

Steve is a 3rd generation farmer of Polish descent that runs Lipinski’s Farm. The farm was founded in 1932, and through the years the farm has seen some changes. In days gone-by they kept pigs and chickens, but today, Steve only grows vegetables and is most widely known for his corn.

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Local Gold Honey

A hobby aviary managed by a teenage boy, his mom, and dad. Together they attend bee school, and love watching their observation hive to see what the bees are up to.

Pembroke, MA

Lolans Farm

Sam and Susan run Lolans Farm which was founded in 1997, Lolans is primarily a dairy farm, but they keep chickens and grow a few vegetables, and food for their cows which are all pasture raised.

Middleboro, MA
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Maplewood Farm

Founded in 1950, Maplewood Farm is a 37-acre farm run by Judy Carvalho.

Middleboro, MA
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Marribet Farm

Ron and Connie Marribet run an organic farm and Ron’s interest in permaculture has led to the formation of Terra Cura, to assist the establishment and regeneration of a sustainable food system, whole systems, and land use design.

Kingston, MA
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Meggies Farm

Founded in 2008 as a retirement project by John Maguire. Specialty crops such as Hungarian Heart tomatoes, Tolli peppers, Purple passion asparagus, Tango celery, ground paprika and cayenne. Free of herbicides and pesticides.

Rehoboth, MA
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Pezza Farm

Where great gardens get their start.

Johnston, RI
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Plato’s Harvest Organic Farm

Dave runs an intensive 3-acre organic farm growing healthy happy food, in nutrient-rich soil, and a creating a great community of food-lovers and friends. He keeps pigs, chickens, and occasionally ducks and turkeys in addition to working the field and caring for his fruit trees.

Middleboro, MA
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PV Farm Stand

Frank is Italian, he raises all natural grass and grain fed meats animals. He has his lovely wife have compiled a cookbook with some of their favorite recipes for others to enjoy.

Scituate, RI
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Rhode Island Mushroom Company, West Kingston RI

Rhode Island Mushroom Company

Growers and purveyors of exotic mushrooms.

West Kingston, RI
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Riverland Farm, Sunderland MA

Riverland Farm

Robert runs a family farm growing a diverse array of certified organic vegetables and fruits on 33 acres. His childhood home is in Scituate, and you will often see him distributing his shares around town in season.

Sunderland, MA
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Sauchuck Farm

Growing 100+ acres of vegetables and fruit in several different locations open seasonally to the public.

Plympton, MA
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Schartner Farms

Founded in 1902, a 150-acre farm offering a full produce selection.

Exeter, RI
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Skinny Dip Farm, Westport MA

Skinny Dip Farm

Ben and Hannah love what they do, and they are passionate about mindful, sustainable agriculture. Growing a wide range of certified organic vegetables, herbs and flowers, they try to sell as locally as possible.

Westport, MA
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Steere Orchards

A fourth-generation family orchard started around 1930 by Arthur W. Steere with his son, Henry J. Steere. Today Jim Steere, grandson of the orchards founder, continues the tradition with his son. Steere Orchard is the largest orchard in Rhode Island.

Westport, MA
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Wards Berry Farm

A family farm operated by brothers Jim & Bob Ward since 1982, offering the finest quality fresh picked fruits and veggies.

Sharon, MA
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White Gate Gardens

Founded in 2000 by Erin and Billy, White Gate Gardens is a 3-acre farm selling plants, eggs, tomato plants, Sunflowers, Zinnias, Tomatoes, Squash, and Swiss chard.

Duxbury, MA
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Wishingstone Farm, Little Compton RI

Wishingstone Farm

One of Rhode Island's largest USDA certified organic farms growing certified organic and quality I.P.M. produce.

Little Compton, RI
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Zephyr Farm

Growing fresh vegetables, herbs without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Their chickens are cage-free and rotated through pastures bi-weekly.

Cranston, RI
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