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Meet Cocoa, she flourishes on local treats too.


A love of animals is so ingrained at SmartPak Equine, LLC that you'll frequently find employees' dogs in the office, or on the 2 mile private trail, while many of their owners adjust work schedules around barn visits. This is a workforce united in its passion both community and animals, this is fostered through training opportunities, office celebrations, rider events, charitable giving to animal-focused organizations, great perks, and programs—including Nourish to Flourish!

Veggies wait serenely for pick up.

Whitman Wellness Center

Live abundantly, they say. Explore your potential, they say. You can at Whitman Wellness Center. Cara Cappellini and Lee-Ann Trigler opened the center in 2010, their goal was to create a community around complete wellness, mind, body, and soul. They offer yoga and fitness classes, wellness treatments, and a store with local beauty products and more, and of course, our green bags of local food.

Who better to watch over the harvest than a crow?

Silver Lake Regional District School

The school is committed to fostering a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment for their students. Focused on community, they provide opportunities and encourage the pursuit of diverse interests among our students. SLRDS promotes personal integrity, wellness, and growth, and it starts with the caring professionals who support students—they are ‘green’ bag enthusiasts!