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Coach Tools

Keeping health and wellness fun throughout the year can be challenging, we’ve gathered some ideas to inspire you to inspire others.We thank you for helping create another flourishing community!


  • Announce a Walking Challenge – So simple, yet so effective!Walking is the easiest way to stay fit, increase energy, and improve your mood.Adding the outdoors, inspiring music, or companionship can boost the benefits even more.Challenge members to log their walking time and reward the winner or winning team with a prize
  • Share Local Walking/Hiking Trails destinations and discover our beautiful landscapes.
  • Promote Deskercise! Just because you have a desk job, it doesn’t mean you can’t burn a ton of calories at work
  • Encourage taking part in a 5K run. Coach to 5K Plan and similar smartphone apps are very effective preparation tools
  • Negotiate a group discount at a local fitness club.


  • Healthy Recipe Exchange and Pot Luck
  • Post recipes to inspire Meatless Mondays or Salad Tuesdays
  • Set up a Veggie Swap Table
  • Tea for the Soul – offer some hot water, tea bags, and some healthy treats. Google “inspirational quotes” and write them down on strips of paper. Put all the quotes in a bowl. Invite people to take a 15-minute break to enjoy a cup of tea and snack and have everyone grab 1 quote from the bowl.

Family & Community

  • The Family Dinner Project – “Recent studies link regular family meals with the kinds of behaviors that parents want for their children: higher grade-point averages, resilience and self-esteem. Additionally, family meals are linked to lower rates of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, eating disorders and depression.”We also believe in the power of family dinners to nourish ethical thinking. This project provides tips for setting dinnertime goals, overcoming obstacles such as conflicting schedules and engaging everyone in meaningful conversation – to improve the frequency and quality of their mealtime interaction
  • Create the Good – look for community service opportunities in your area
  • Random Acts of Kindness Challenge – be the change you want to see in the world