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Culture of Wellness

Delivering a Fresh New Outlook

Creating a culture around community, sustainability, mindfulness, health, wellness, and environmental impact can be challenging, we know this; we’ve had plenty of practice. So we rolled up our sleeves, and got to work figuring out how to help others easily integrate these philosophies, and here is our solution: food! Food connects us all, we all need to eat, and it is the one thing that touches every aspect of a wellness culture, especially when it is sourced locally, mindfully, and delivered free! Here are some of the touch points:

  • We spend money with local farms keeps money within our community and creates jobs
  • We help maintains open spaces and rich soils in our home towns
  • We lower carbon footprint, reducing distance food travels from farm to table
  • We reduce packaging, and our bags are made in the USA and reusable and recyclable
  • We keep healthy because we eat better, learn, and save time and money – we’re more productive

We’ve learned that education is a very important piece of creating a culture of wellness and a nourished community – a bag of veggies is not enough! You need hand-holding, how-to’s, and motivation. We provide all this and more through:

  • A dedicated Nourish to Flourish Facebook group that provides an open, supportive forum for participants to interact with each other
  • Coaching tools for our drop sites to help them engage participants and improve the overall experience
  • Weekly newsletters that discuss current topics around farming, nutrition, and wellness, with recipe suggestions for the contents of the bag
  • Weekly emails include a list sharing where their food is coming from, and share information about various aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, food items that are in the bag, agricultural insights, and more recipes
  • Our blog, which is a personable narrative of the challenges we all face. We all want to make better choices, sometimes all we need is a little inspiration or how-to information to make a positive change

We help you help people within your community make a commitment to healthy eating and local, sustainable farms.

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Nourish to Flourish: Culture of Wellness