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Nourish To Flourish

Providing access to wholesome, sustainable, and organically grown local food is our mission here at SSO - have you seen our passionate, smiling faces on our ‘Crew’ page?

After learning that under 5% of our community purchases fruits and vegetables that are grown locally, we knew we had to find a solution to make ‘farm to table’ eating affordable, and more accessible. We saw the beautiful, nutritious bounty local farmers were growing, and knew we needed more ways to get their food to people in our community. The solution became our Nourish to Flourish program. By eating local, people invest money back into our cities and towns, we keep our waterways and soil healthy, and our landscapes beautiful, while nourishing our bodies with the best food around.

Our Nourish to Flourish bags are thoughtfully curated to include a balance of 7-9 seasonal fresh fruits and veggies each week. Our goal is to make local eating affordable, convenient, inspirational, and bring the joy of cooking back into our lives.

We partner with like-minded employers, fitness clubs, schools, and other community meeting places where people gather, and we deliver Nourish to Flourish bags to these sites for free! This is a phenomenal benefit for everyone involved.

Once planted, the Nourish to Flourish seed began to make a huge impact on farmers and our members. We spent over $200,000 with local farms in 2015 and members love that they are eating well, and making a healthy difference.

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Nourish to Flourish: Our goal is to make local eating affordable and convenient