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About Us

When we started South Shore Organics in 2010, it was with determination to be part of the solution. We were disenchanted with grocery stores, we knew had to do better for our children, but as working parents we struggled to make CSA pick ups and Farmers Market windows. The evolution of SSO has been a rewarding, fulfilling, challenging, educational journey, and we are so proud of what we have accomplished. Today we work with over 40 local farms, and spend over $200,000 a year with local producers. We have extended our offerings through the Nourish to Flourish program - a community outreach initiative. We are local food enablers, and our approach is pragmatic - we source from nearby farms, and where our reach extends beyond that we insist on organic certification and make the best, most sustainable, mindful, fairly-traded choice possible. We don't stop at enabling you, here are some other ways we practice what we preach:

We educate - with our weekly emails and newsletters, our mission is to share information about some of the challenges facing our food system, and our farmers, as well as 'how to' live sustainably - and let's not forget the recipes and food enjoyment suggestions! We also host girls scouts, give lectures at local schools, colleges, and other community groups. We educate ourselves by attending workshops and industry conferences, we stay on top of trends and developments - from antibiotics to GMO's, we're on it! And what we learn, we share.

We reduce, reuse, recycle - well, obviously! And when fresh food doesn't look so hot, we compost too. Being part of the solution means being responsible ourselves. Our green bins are made in the USA from recycled materials, in a facility that employs adults with disabilities. The green bags used for our Nourish to Flourish program are also made in the USA, using recycled materials, and are reusable. The plastic produce bags we use for portioning are BPA free, the cleaning materials we use are mindfully sourced, and we route our drivers each week for efficiency. What will you find in our lunch room? Home-made sandwiches, leftovers, glass containers and drinking bottles - because our staff care about this stuff as much as we do, and they take responsibility too.

We share - we donate a significant amount of food from local farms to The Daily Table, a non-profit grocery store servicing economically suppressed neighbors. They offer affordable, healthy alternatives to cheap fast food, and their store is bright, clean, and welcoming. They are having an impact on their community and their customer base is growing. We are proud, key supporters of the initiative, because it aligns with our mission to improve access to healthy, clean food.

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